Funk Embassy Live: The Mighty Mocambos in TLN

The Mighty Mocambos LIVE┃

Estonian Funk Embassy Live season kicks off with one of the undisputed funk-soul heavyweights of the the world – The Mighty Mocambos from Hamburg. Since the early 00s these guys have been defining the contemporary scene with the sound of blazing horns, soulful guitars, driving drums and basslines combined with an extra bit of quirkiness. A plethora of releases behind them, they’ve done work together with guys like Afrika Bambaataa, Lee Fields and Kenny Dope. Having put singers like Gizelle Smith and Caroline Lacaze on the map, they now travel with the dazzling Nichola Richards as the vocalist. Expect sweet soul and raw funk alll through the night, as well as a celebration of the break dance culture ahead of the band and on the week of the show at a special online and radio broadcast in collaboration with Raadio 2. Dancers from all over Estonia will gather for a break cypher!

┃Tickets: pre-sale 10 | at the door 15 | with a friend 25 | after the band 5

┃PS: If you wanna be a part of the break cypher, contact:

┃NB! 18+ age limit. For you to feel yourself cozy as if at one’s living room, you will be given slippers at the wardrobe while your stuff will be looked after carefully. Alternatively, you can bring your own exchange shoes.

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