Movement workshop Üüve-Lydia Toompere: Techno praxis: queer edition

This workshop is meant for both experienced and unexperienced movers who are interested in electronic music and who are open to different or alternative ways of thinking. Techno Praxis* is a club dance practice but deals also with the basic elements of movement such as bounce, flow, relating to the space and other people, dividing energy and personal movement creation.

This time aesthetics of a possible alternative way of movement – queer movement, are discovered and the gathered information is used as one way and source in techno-dance sessions. In given context, queer means an identity and movement aesthetics not in accordance with the everyday normative. All people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or other possible differences can feel themselves as queer.

Techno Praxis is guided by freelance dance artist Üüve-Lydia Toompere, whose current creative processes and ideas are moving parallelly with the scene of techno music and dance, studying the club dance culture in her current hometown Berlin and in Estonia.

*Techno practice is a dance practice that celebrates a collective activity, the power of convention and the dancer’s mastery of their body through the music. It’s done in a group, to loud music, and with great effort. Techno Praxis workshop is a dance ritual, that brings techno club-dance out from the club environment to a workshop space and tries to look at it as a training system, dance practice and it’s state of mind all together.

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