Telliskivi Cinamon Summer Cinema (July 19th-22nd)

W 19.07 – When You Least Expect It – at 23:00
T 20.07 – The Fencer – at 23:00
F 21.07 – Venturous Curves – at 23:00
S 22.07 – The Last Relic – at 23:00

Pre-sale ticket 5€ / at the gate 7€

If the wether is good, screenings are outside on the square. In case of rain and bad weather, screenings take place in Red Hall, next to square!

🇪🇪 Õnn tuleb magades / When You Least Expect It
Komöödia / Comedy / Комедия
2016 / Mart Kivastik
English subtitles / Русские субтитры

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There are two people who wake up in the same bed one morning, and neither of them has a clue who the other is. Viivi would like to run away and the man is sleeping like a log. Unlike Viivi and Andu themselves, the viewers know both very well. They know that Viivi has the worst day in her life and that Andu is a dweeb, but not completely hopeless; a rather good-hearted man. They are both hopelessly lonely people hoping that maybe there’s someone somewhere… So they might as well meet.

Ещё пока молодая, но одинокая Вийви, в одно прекрасное утро обнаруживает в своей постели незнакомого мужчину. Женщина в панике пытается восстановить события предыдущего дня. Выясняется, что прошёл один из худших дней в её жизни: болело плечо, она опоздала на работу, получила диагноз от врача, в пух и прах поругалась с заведующей аптекой, девицей, которую она на дух не переносит. А закончился вечер в кабаке, где она поняла, что будь ты хоть самой порядочной и правильной, тебе ещё должна сопутствовать удача… Мужчина, оказавшийся в постели Вийви – добродушный Андрес, ему уже почти 50, он профессиональный неудачник, который не может сказать «нет». Однажды в местном кабачке он встречает симпатичную незнакомку и танцует с ней…

🇪🇪 Vehkleja / The Fencer
Draama / Drama
2015 / Klaus Härö
English subtitles

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In 1952 a young fencing champion Endel arrives in a small town Haapsalu to work as a physical training teacher. For an introvert man it is hard to get contact with the children who have been through a lot. In spite of the opposition of the principal of the school, Endel manages to get a permit to teach fencing for children. Slowly it becomes a therapy for the children as well as the teacher himself – a way to deal with everyday grim. The defeated principal is holding a grudge and starts to investigate, why did the champion of the Soviet Union really come to a small town.

🇪🇪 Vallatud kurvid / Venturous Curves
Komöödia / Comedy
1959 / Juli Kun | Kaljo Kiisk
English subtitles

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Vaike, a student and a motorbike racer, arrives at the racetrack where the bikes are already racing at full speed. She gets involved in adventures while getting acquainted with Raivo, successful biker and womanizer, and Heino, another big league biker who offers Vaike his help in preparing for the competition. Vaike finds it hard to face all that alone. Her twin sister Maret will helped her with this complicated situation. Only that this time Maret’s new husband Ants will join the game. He is convinced that he can make the difference between Maret and Vaike.

🇪🇪 Viimne reliikvia / The Last Relic
Seiklusfilm / Adventure
1969 / Grigori Kromanov
English subtitles

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It is the 16th century in Livonia. Hans von Risbieter, a young knight, inherits a chest with the remains of St Bridget – this is a relic desired by the convent. Risbieter agrees to give up the chest on one condition – if he can marry Agnes von Mönnikhusen, an angelic young niece of the abbess. Agnes, however, is in love with a freeman Gabriel who bravely stands for freedom and justice. The romantic adventures are intermingled with the explosive resentment of Estonians fighting the war of independence. The historical background of the film has been able to arouse interest in many generations.

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