TMW 2017: Trash Cooking dinner by Peeter Pihel

Trash Cooking dinners are held on March 29th and 30th, with the overall aim of informing the public about smart and sustainable use of food waste. The author of this dinner concept is Peeter Pihel – the sous chef of Swedish restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, one of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

Of each dinner ticket 5 Euros will be donated to Estonian Food Bank charity aimed towards children living below the subsistence level.

Pihel is convinced that if there is a lack of fresh produce, one should be creative. Having been raised in a family that was always resourceful in planning meals, he uses the same practice in the kitchen daily: “Obviously, me and my view of the world and working habits are largely shaped by my roots. It is my joy and privilege to be born and raised on an island. There is a peculiar rhythm of life there, which is also reflected in the way I cook. If the raw materials are scarce, one must use his creativeness – It motivates and forces one to think of something new and perhaps even make better things.”

The menu will be put together by improvising with the produce from Solaris food store and food optained from importer’s

Some teasers:

Roasted yesterday’s bread & whipped brains
Buttermilk pancakes & algae
Vintage vegetable kimchi & lamb’s heart tartar
2-days cooked pig’s head
Sour cream liqueur

Tickets available:
All the dishes are accompanied by selected wines and Mjuk kombuchamade of HeyDay Organic residues.

Dinner is available as vegetarian, please e-mail in case that’s your preference.

Dinners take place:
Wednesday, 29th of March at 6PM
Thursday 30th of March at 6PM
Trash Cooking Dinner partners are: Solaris Centre, Kärbes Kitchen & Bar, Telliskivi Creative City, Food Bank and “Lapsed söönuks” charity event, Umami, Mjuk kombucha + Heyday, ABC Supermarkets and suppliers of various raw foods.

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