Pop-up store

34 m²

A2 Building, 1st floor

Pop-up store is located at Telliskivi Shopping Street (Buildings A2 and A3). You can open your pop-up store, service point, creative hub, museum, awareness center or other for up to 2 months.

The room has one big indoor window and good location between popular design shops. Different design shops, sharing economy information center, Telliskivi museum and a couple of charity organizations have operated at our pop-up store.

We have around 40 k monthly visits to Telliskivi Shopping Street and we offer marketing support for tenants at pop-up store.

PRICE: 500 €/month + VAT. The price includes rental fee, electricity and utility costs and internet connection. 

★ Fill out application form here (in estonian)! 
NEXT DEADLINE: 31.01.2018. This application round is for pop-up space rental in July-September 2018 (one month each).

1. You can apply for pop-up rental for 1 or 2 months (mostly we give out 1-month periods). You can apply for opening store, service point, charity/social project or museum/gallery in that room.
2. We prefer shops, service providers and creative spaces that has original, unique idea/products.
– if you would like to open a store, we prefer Estonian designers/products.
– if you’d like to make a social project/charity or exhibition, we prefer projects that add extra value to Telliskivi and are matching to our values, interior and/or that have bigger social impact to community.
3. In case of applying as a shop, we prefer stores that is selling products and brands not represented already in Telliskivi Shopping Street.
4. We are not hosting big international mainstream brands and chain stores.

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