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E, 20. märts, 18:00

Anticipatory innovation: Design Thinking in an accelerating world

The practice of Design Thinking covers the entire spectrum from research to ideation to eventually designing a new product or service that is both scalable and economically sustainable. It is a powerful approach to figuring out and meeting human needs in creative, strategic and relatively fast ways.

As an innovation practitioner in academic, government and industry environments such as famous U.S. agencies IDEO and Huge, our speaker & workshop facilitator Patrick van Hoof will dive into what Design Thinking is and how it relates to the concept of lean and agile development. Secondly, based on his experiences at the MIT Media Lab he will look ahead at the next waves of technological development – specifically in the field of human-computer interaction. How will innovation methodologies hold up in the age of 3D (VR/AR/sensor-rich environments) – and eventually even 4D (using programmable materials) – digital design? More importantly, how will (you as) leaders of startups, corporations, VCs and even government departments be able to create value – and therefore be able to survive – in a world that continues to accelerate?

Join us on March 20 to learn about the future trends and tools you can use to successfully innovate in the coming years. Patrick will give a talk and then facilitate an exercise on mapping the future user experiences based on emerging technologies.

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